In 2017 we enabled Hanoi Bible College to purchase a 5-story home to meet the growth of the school. This home provides a better learning environment, more classroom space, and more living space with better sanitation for the students. To date, HBC has admitted three classes of students into their five-year Bachelor of Theology program, with a present total of 88 full-time students. The first class is expected to graduate in June 2018!

Next Steps: Campus Planning

In March 2018 a group of partners from reSource, Overseas Council (Australia & USA) and Engineers Ministries International met with the leaders of Hanoi Bible College to review their Mission and Vision and think strategically about the next 10 years. What are the steps needed for a campus and what might it look like? The Spirit anointed those consultations and we now invite prayer for the future development of HBC and for the growth of the Church in Vietnam – and all to the glory of God.

Past Activities at Hanoi Bible College

  • A website was created ( with limited information about the school and links to various online services for students and faculty, including online learning and student information.
  • In 2015 a third floor construction project was completed, adding two classrooms, a library, a meeting room, and a faculty office. The first and second floors were renovated to make space for other offices and student living quarters.
  • In October 2016 the Hanoi Evangelical Church, which the College is connected with, celebrated 100 years of God’s faithfulness. For more information on this inspiring story, the religious context of Vietnam and the actual event, please click here.
  • In 2017 a home was purchased to house some of the students, and a second home is being considered. These homes are also viewed as “down payments” for what we hope will someday be a new campus.