Student Sponsorships

Sponsor A Future Leader

While the Church in many areas in the majority world is growing rapidly, well-equipped leaders are in short supply. As Jesus said: “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”

There is a worldwide lack of men and women truly called of God and deeply taught in the Scriptures to lead the churches … Those who accurately and effectively expound the Scriptures are few, especially in areas where the churches are growing rapidly. (Operation World)

There can be few greater causes than training leaders for the church – equipping and training individuals who will emerge as resourceful, indigenous Christian leaders in their context. By sponsoring students, the national church is assured of a steady flow of pastors, evangelists, church planters and ministry leaders. Upon graduation students not only know their local culture but are able to minister for decades supported by their local church.

It takes $2,000.00/year to sponsor one student and our goal is to be sponsoring 150 students at our partner Bible colleges in Vietnam, Cuba, Columbia, Lebanon, Ukraine, Ghana, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Haiti. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us by sponsoring one or more future leaders. Contact us for more information or make an online donation.

Sponsorship funds make a major contribution to the operating expenses or needs of the whole college and are distributed carefully to avoid colleges becoming dependent on a single source of income.

reSource is passionate about supporting this emerging generation of Christian leaders whose lives demonstrate vision, integrity and competence. These men and women long to preach and teach the redeeming love of Jesus, minister to widows and orphans, seek justice for their communities and become leaders in their nations.

About Sponsorships

reSource partners with Majority World Bible colleges that are strategic, well run, and integrated into the wider church.

From these colleges, reSource recommends students for sponsorship who are in their 2nd year or higher.

2nd year students have demonstrated calling, academic ability and leadership potential and are more likely to complete their training.

Step One

Recognise the value of sponsoring a Majority World student who will become a leader within their church and community.

Step Two

Personally, or with a few friends or family members, commit to sponsoring a student for CAD $2,000 per year.

Step Three

Contact Hua Soo ( to be matched with a future Christian leader. You will receive a student profile including information about the student’s ministry and needs.

Will I hear from my student?

You will receive an annual update from your student so you can hear how they are doing and how you can pray for them. 

How long does my commitment last?

Sponsorships range from one to four years.

Can I write my student?

Communicating with students in the Majority World involves certain sensitivities. That said, please let us know if this is something you’re interested in doing.

What happens when my student finishes training?

We will notify you when your student has graduated. At this time, we will check in to see whether you’d like to sponsor another future leader in their studies.


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