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Provide a graduating student a Contextual Commentary of the Bible


But we’ll be standing Shoulder to Shoulder with colleges through this crisis


Daniel (International Consultant) and Heather Owens on returning to Vietnam

We have a passion for training Christian leaders in the majority world

and it is our firm belief that this is best achieved through investing in local institutions. By training Christian leaders, we can have a positive impact on the church for generations to come; and in resourcing local theological schools, we leave a sustainable legacy.

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How Can You Help?

A message from our partners at Overseas Council. reSource works closely with the Overseas Council network by sharing information and resources, thereby avoiding duplication, increasing efficiency and providing mutual encouragement. 

Recent Updates

Greetings Of Gratitude

Our latest newsletter is filled with words of gratitude from our partner schools for support received through our Shoulder to Shoulder strategy.

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Pray With Us!

Join our team as we pray for our brothers and sisters around the world. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are praying for the healing of those infected and for the safety and health of all those who work in health care and serve those who are ill; that those who must carry on with work/studies/activities would be protected from this virus; that God would protect our countries and give wisdom to our leaders, so that this cloud will pass with minimum effect, that the needs of those who are most vulnerable financially would be met during these hard times; and that believers in Christ may be a clear witness to or example of the love of Jesus for others, and that God would use this time to bring people closer to Him.

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Is There Hope?

“Common sense dictates that we flee from a troubled region, while God’s calling for the Church is to endure, to discover its prophetic role, to proclaim the love of Christ, to live out Kingdom values, and to exhibit to the world the marks of the reign of God. This is the kind of Church that is needed in the Arab world at a time like this…” – A word from Elie Haddad, President, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS)

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A New President’s Message

“As we pray into the future, we invite you to lift up the people, schools and organizations that reSource serves and partners with.  Also pray for wisdom and protection for the staff and consultants, especially as we travel to many corners of the globe and work in cross cultural and at times creative access settings.  And please pray for provision.  Without the generous financial support of donors keen to invest with us in this work, the lights would simply go out.” – Peter Den Haan, President

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