Apr 16, 2024

Apr 16, 2024

“It’s us allowing God to form our lives first”

We’re pleased to introduce you to Mariel Deluca Voth (reSource’s Regional Consultant for Latin America and the Caribbean). We’re grateful that Mariel is part of the reSource team: she brings productive energy, a real-world perspective, and a feisty sense of humour to the work that she does.

What is that work? Mariel participates in multiple projects at once all over the world. We’d like to introduce you to one of those projects through Mariel’s involvement: Global Associates for Transformational Education (GATE).

Theological Education Consultant for Latin America and the Caribbean

Mariel is our Regional Consultant for Latin America and the Caribbean 

GATE’s website explains that in traditional theological education, the learning process has mostly involved “the transfer of information from teachers to students” followed by exams to assess how much students recalled of that information.

“Such education, however, does not necessarily prepare people for real life ministry. GATE applies tested pedagogical methods to theological education, training teachers to teach for life transformation and not merely information recall.” (https://gateglobal.org/what-is-gate%3F)

Mariel shared in her own words:
“GATE is a four-year program for school administrators and faculty. We encourage them to design their curriculum or program based on what an ideal graduate would be. That’s what transformational education is for them.”

GATE at work in Brazil 

A key component in this type of education is involving students in their own education by spending time with them, knowing who they are, and creating an atmosphere of trust and respect. “Students come into the school’s programs with their own needs and their own stories. By the end of their education, they’ve spoken about these issues that will impact their lives and their communities. The dream is that it will ultimately affect the Church and society.”

In January, Mariel flew to Medellín, Colombia to join reSource Board Member, Elizabeth Sendek, in working on curriculum for the four-year transformational education program developed and offered by GATE. Their hope is to offer the fourth year of GATE’s program in Mexico and Guatemala.

Mariel said, “We changed the language, matched vocabulary, and improved the translation into Spanish. The good thing is that we both know English, Spanish, and education. It was a lot, but we made it. We made sure that the fourth year was ready to teach.” 

Mariel deluca Voth and Elizabeth Sendek working on GATE curriculum 

When we asked Mariel for her own thoughts on transformational education, she shared,

“I strongly believe and advocate that transformational education is not just for the students: it’s for us as teachers and administrators. If we are transformed, that can also permeate how we welcome students. It’s us allowing God to form our lives first. It is us as teachers or faculty modelling or living the aspects that we’re teaching. …The more we look at it, Elizabeth and I, it still makes sense.”

As we mentioned, GATE is one of many opportunities that Mariel is part of. We’ll introduce other ones in the weeks to come.

If you’d like more information, Nicole, our VP of Operations would love to hear from you. You can reach her at nicole@resourceleadership.com 

GATE facilitators including Mariel deluca Voth and Elizabeth Sendek 

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