These past few months have brought a lot of uncertainty and change. It is hard to wrap our heads and hearts around the devastating effects of COVID-19. It is inevitable that people do more soul-searching – wondering about the meaning and purpose of life. This is why it is so vital that in the midst of all the challenges the message of God’s hope, love and joy in Jesus be shared and shown. And this is why it is so crucial that Bible colleges be able to sustain themselves through this time.
It would be most unfortunate if seminaries were forced to cease operations at the very time when trained Christian leaders are the single greatest asset the global church has for confronting this crisis.  As we communicated in our last Newsletter, we have developed a four phase Shoulder to Shoulder strategy for standing with partner Bible colleges. The initial goal is simply to help keep faculty teaching and students learning. We want to avoid faculty having to seek alternative employment in order to provide for their families (with the possible result that some may not return), and we want to keep students engaged in their studies.