Dec 13, 2023

Dec 13, 2023

Introducing Imanuel From Indonesia


My name is Imanuel Manao from Indonesia.  I come from a Christian family. My father passed away 22 years ago. My mother raised me and my siblings alone. She is a farmer who works in someone else’s field.” 

This is how Imanuel’s letter to reSource begins. He is supported by reSource donors through our Sponsor a Future Leader (SFL) student sponsorship program. (For more information on SFL, click here:

Imanuel is the third of four siblings in his family. He explains that though his family are all Christians, they don’t know the Bible well because their mother was never able to go to school to learn how to read.

Nevertheless, the family recognizes God’s handiwork in their lives: “I’m really amazed with God’s work for me and my family. My family has financial struggles, but we never suffer. God provided good people around us. Even for our study we saw God’s help.”

And after being introduced to Sekolah Tinggi Alkitab Tiranus (Tyrannus Bible Seminary), Imanuel started preparing himself to serve God.  

“At TBS, I’ve received many lessons through my teachers in classes and from my friends in dormitory life. Those lessons enrich me: that in ministry I need to prepare myself with knowledge about the Bible and other capabilities to help our congregation in their need. … It’s not just academic, but also includes how we can build a good relationship with others and how we must love others. I must learn from my Teacher Jesus Christ how to have good ethics and how to have the courage to save the souls of unreached people. My desire is to be a light to everyone.”

Imanuel with a portrait of his family

reSource donors currently support the studies of 37 future Christian leaders like Imanuel around the world. Most of the time, these students are already actively working in ministry and leadership positions. Their studies equip and enable them to serve more effectively. Thank you for your generosity toward this incredible work of the gospel.  

“I am so grateful: your support for my study is really valuable to me. I will study hard so I can finish my studies on time. I pray that God always blesses my sponsors with good health and peace in whatever you are facing right now.”    

Thank you, reSource donors and supporters, for your continued prayers and generosity.  

P.S. You can find more information on sponsoring future leaders in the majority world here: 

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