Paulo and his family

Jan 31, 2023

Jan 31, 2023

Paulo Is Already Using What He’s Learning

Meet Paulo Stefano Pascagaza Gacha

Nationality: Colombian
School: Biblical Seminary of Colombia (FUSBC)
Degree Program: Master’s Degree in Biblical Interpretation
Graduation: June 2024

Paulo Stefano Pascagaza Gacha is married to Karlita and father to baby girl, Agustina. He and Karlita are learning to balance the demands of family life with his academic and ministry work. They are grateful for the support of their community as they adjust. He says, ‘“I am learning to, as we say in my country, “get the most out of” time.’

Paulo’s studies in Biblical interpretation have offered him all kinds of learning and growth: reflecting on biblical inspiration; reading the Old Testament as Christian testimony; and, immersing himself in the cultural streams of the Old and New Testaments, for example. He has already been putting his academics into practice by teaching “Early Prophets” and “Later Prophets” at the seminary’s Bible Institute.

Rehearsing for Halleluja performance.

Rehearsing for Halleluja performance.

Alongside serving at his family’s church, Paulo launched Aléluh (Halleluja), a “theological-artistic project that recreates and shares with others the poetic Word of God, in a creative and contextual way, to praise the Lord, build up his Body, and stimulate the advancement of his Kingdom.” He also started Cuéntame (Tell Me), “a space for reflection on faith, the Scriptures, and daily life.”

More About Paulo

What has been going on for you lately?

This has been a different and very special year. During the first semester of the year, we were dealing with different family health issues related to my wife’s pregnancy. Thank God everything went well in the end! For the second semester, our much-loved and long-awaited Agustina arrived. My wife’s recovery after childbirth was difficult, but the Lord has shown us His mercy and love. We had unconditional support from the Seminary community and, of course, from our families. I am learning to make the most of the time I have, since now I have to divide it between studying for my master’s degree, taking care of my wife, giving love to my daughter, and work, among other things. It has been quite a challenge, but we have been achieving it with patience, love, and our supportive community.

Tell us about your courses and studies:

[My studies] have helped me to have a more holistic, conscious, enriching, and godly approach to the Scriptures. In addition, they have helped me reflect on biblical inspiration; the authority and relevance of the Bible today; how to read the Old Testament as a Christian testimony; the need to be aware of emerging theologies. They have helped me appreciate the valuable contributions and challenges of Liberation Theology; to recognize the importance, value and richness of apocryphal and deuterocanonical literature; to immerse myself in the cultural streams of the OT and NT; to know and practice different exegetical methods.

What does your ministry work look like?

I will start supporting our church in times of praise, providing direction, and the music ministry. In addition, I began to teach at the Seminary´s Bible Institute. This year I taught two courses: “Early Prophets” and “Later Prophets.”

What else are you involved in?

I continue with two ministries that I am developing. The first one is called “Hallelujah”. This is a theological-artistic project that recreates and shares with others the poetic Word of God, in a creative and contextual way, to praise the Lord, build up his Body, and stimulate the advancement of his Kingdom. In the month of November we are going to present the first concert in the church where we are congregating.

The other ministry is called “Tell me…”; This ministry is a space for reflection on faith, the Scriptures, and daily life, which arises from the elaboration and interaction with short thoughtful meditations, which are shared with others and discussed.

How can we pray for you?

  • For my training process in the master’s degree. May the Lord give me the strength, love, wisdom, and faith to finish my master’s degree and put into practice everything I am learning.
  • For the new stage that we begin as a family with our beloved daughter, Agustina, present in our lives. May the Lord help us to love, accompany and educate our daughter in His ways.
  • For the consolidation and development of the ministries “Aléluh” and “Cuéntame…”

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