Many of our reSource team and partners were able to gather together for the 2022 Board Meeting this past June

Aug 13, 2022

Aug 13, 2022

Team Updates And Our Growing Ministry!

Warm greetings from the reSource Leadership International team! In this newsletter you’ll find out about reSource’s growing ministry and reSource team changes.


Growing Geographically 

We’re delighted to report that our team members work from British Columbia, Singapore, and Finland. We have consultants in Vietnam, the USA, Colombia, and Singapore. Further, our collaboration with the Overseas Council network and ScholarLeaders International is deepening, which allows reSource to partner with more seminaries and facilitate Christian leadership training all over the world. We are grateful for the technology that has been enabling our virtual office since 2007.  

Growing Financially 

We are overjoyed to God for his provision through you, our donors, of more resources to extend to our partners in the majority world. Praise God and thank you! 

Growing in Capacity 

With a slight increase to 2.2 FTE (full-time equivalent) staff, we remain focused on maximizing funds toward resourcing sustainable theological education in the majority world.  


Nicole Janz, Finance and Advancement Coordinator 

Welcome, Nicole! Nicole is working half-time for reSource, taking on finance administration and advancement work while she gets to know reSource more deeply. Her most recent work experience is in major gift fundraising and she brings a wholehearted commitment to the importance of theological education for the global church. Nicole has an M.A. in Theological Studies (Spiritual Theology) from Regent College. She enjoys organizing things, cultivating sincere relationships, and spending time in creation. She’s married to Corey Janz and lives in Helsinki, Finland where she is learning what it means to be an outsider and language-learner.

Marguerite Brouwer, Finance Administrator 

Marguerite Brouwer has stepped down from her role as Finance Administrator at reSource. We are so grateful for her diligent work at reSource. She improved our financial efficiency and ensured that everything was administered accurately. We wish her joy as she pursues other things. Thank you, Marguerite!

Bill Tuininga, Vice President 

Bill is stepping into a six month sabbatical from reSource after seven years of service. He credits his work with reSource for many areas of growth: an awareness of what is happening globally in theological education; meeting a host of deeply committed, well informed, and incredibly generous Christ followers; opportunities to travel and visit schools in SE Asia and Africa; and the privilege of seeing how Christ is building the Church in the majority world. During his sabbatical Bill and his wife, Lin, will travel throughout Canada and the USA in their new-to-them trailer. They’re looking forward to visiting family and friends and seeing various parts of God’s creation.

Continuing Team Members

Peter Den Haan, President 

Peter’s life is full and he is grateful for the many aspects that fill it, even as each one overflows. There’s his family, his garden, the Vancouver Island beach rental, visiting friends—including many reSource friends—and his half-time role as reSource President. Peter’s passion for his work at reSource has only grown since he took on leadership. While he has always loved his work in life, being part of the reSource team is a special blessing. It is a joy for him to participate in the strategic and long-term investment of Christian leaders in the majority world and he loves connecting with reSource’s like-minded donors, staff, and board. To God be the glory!

Hua Soo Kee, Vice President (reSource Leadership International) & President (reSource Leadership International Singapore)   

Hua Soo joined reSource in April 2018 with the desire to participate in enabling more pastors to receive formal theological education. After 4 years of working from Vancouver he and his wife, Suet Ming, have returned to Singapore. While he works for reSource Canada, Hua Soo is also building up reSource Leadership International Singapore, a new and exciting venture. He has a heart for making disciples and walking alongside fellow Christians in their spiritual journeys. Hua Soo’s education includes an M.A. in Theological Studies, an MBA, and a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, and he has 13 years of experience in the chemical and energy sectors. In his spare time, he enjoys jogging, photography, and exploring haunts for tasty food.

Marie van Hulsentop, Communications and Design Coordinator 

Since joining reSource part-time in 2014, Marie continues her work in communications, website management, and graphic design. She is soon to embark on a new season in life as her youngest of three children starts kindergarten in the fall. Marie and her husband, Steve, value raising their family on their small farm in Langley, BC. When not creating art in a digital language, Marie enjoys cultivating beauty as a farm-based seasonal florist. For Marie, the intricate beauty of the natural world is a constant revelation of God’s glory. If you’d like to see some floral wonder in your Instagram feed, you’re welcome to follow her @vanhacres.

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