Hanoi Bible College

Campus Development


The Challenge

The greatest challenge facing the growing Church in Vietnam is lack of trained pastors and leaders. In the past, due to limited opportunity for education, pastors and professors traveled elsewhere to gain the needed education. HBC now meets that need by training many Christian leaders in northern Vietnam, equipping pastors for the Church and serving the larger general Christian population as well.


Miraculous Beginnings

After much prayer and hard work, Hanoi Bible College (HBC) was given permission by the Vietnamese Government to open its doors on June 10, 2013. Since then the school has admitted two classes of students into their five-year Bachelor of Theology program, with a present total of 55 full-time students.



It is nothing short of a miracle that HBC has been given permission by the Government to expand, with no restrictions on the number of students! While the College continues to face a variety of needs the most critical factor limiting their work and effectiveness at the moment is their facility. It is putting a damper on both future growth and present potential.


Urgent Need

Due to the limitations of their present campus (two classrooms, a small but growing library, a dining hall and sleeping space for 30 students), over 20 students are sleeping in one room on the floor! reSource is committed to helping HBC purchase housing that will provide a place to sleep, eat and study for 25 students. This home will help manage and care for the daily lives of all the students, enabling them to more fully participate in College activities, prayer meetings, and corporate worship. Click here for more info.


Past Activities at Hanoi Bible College

  • A website was created (www.hbc.edu.vn) with limited information about the school and links to various online services for students and faculty, including online learning and student information..
  • In 2015 a third floor construction project was completed, adding two classrooms, a library, a meeting room, and a faculty office. The first and second floors were renovated to make space for other offices and student living quarters.
  • In October 2016 the Hanoi Evangelical Church, which the College is connected with, celebrated 100 years of God’s faithfulness. For more information on this inspiring story, the religious context of Vietnam and the actual event, please click here.