My life as a Christian began when I was three and my grandmother took me to the Patios Foursquare Christian Church in Norte de Santander, Colombia. Although my parents weren’t Christians, I was allowed to go every Sunday. Since that time I’ve been steadily building a relationship with the Lord and His Church.

Being a wife and mother has deepened my relationship with God. God’s love for me and my family has blessed me and helped me see God as my Sustainer, Protector, and Provider. I’m a happy mother of two young children (grades 2 and 4). We attend the Mountain of the King Church in Medellin, where my husband is a full-time leader, helping with worship and preaching. He is completing his studies at the University of Medellin in Music Recording and Production. At least once a week we engage in some kind of special activity as a family, doing things like sports, games or listening to music. We live far away from our extended family.

Through the influence of two sisters-in-law I became aware of BSC and God put the desire in my heart to pursue my love of Bible study. Initially I took courses as a non-degree-seeking student, but there came a point of having to decide whether to study full-time — along with the challenge of how to finance my studies. A Seminary professor challenged me to trust God’s promise that He will provide when we do what He calls us to do. I took God at His word. And while I’ve experienced many financial challenges, God has always provided, often through the generosity of others.

As part of my studies I co-ordinate the ministry for small children at our church, being responsible for training the teachers and assigning them to their groups, which also involves developing themes and organizing agendas. On one special occasion the children´s ministry preformed a musical program at the monthly Praise and Thanksgiving celebration at our church, which included over 30 invited guests from a new prayer group the church had begun.

The Seminary has helped me think about and articulate what I believe, why I believe it and what the implications of that belief are. I especially appreciate the chance to study at BSC because God has placed in me the will to know Him better, providing this place and the means to do so. After I graduate my personal preference would be to pursue further studies. While I deeply appreciate pastoral work and will seek to remain attentive to what God wants for me, I’m passionate about the academic study of the Word.

I believe deeply that God uses us as His instruments to accomplish His purposes for humanity. All that God has given me is a sacred gift from Him and I’m very grateful to Him for anyone who’s interested in contributing to the kingdom through my efforts. Thanks for helping!

Jennifer Porras

Biblical Seminary of Colombia