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“Common sense dictates that we flee from a troubled region, while God’s calling for the Church is to endure, to discover its prophetic role, to proclaim the love of Christ, to live out Kingdom values, and to exhibit to the world the marks of the reign of God.

This is the kind of Church that is needed in the Arab world at a time like this. … We, at ABTS, are humbled and thrilled to be called by God to serve such a Church. … We work on developing leaders who are critical thinkers, with a strong spiritual character and competence in ministry skills, in addition to a pronounced missional impulse. Our region is starving for leaders. Our churches are facing a crisis of leadership.”

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Young Pastors’ Retreat

“In the midst of some difficult family and life situations, God is working through these young pastors to strengthen the church. They are learning both the challenges and blessings of practical ministry, while also planning and praying about what God would have them do next.”

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Call To Prayer

Join reSource's Team of Prayer Warriors As we pray into the future, we continually look for others who will join us in lifting up the people, schools and organizations that reSource serves and partners with. If you’d like to join reSource’s team of Prayer Warriors,...

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Campus Planning at Hanoi Bible College

  In 2017 we enabled Hanoi Bible College to purchase a 5-story home to meet the growth of the school. This home provides a better learning environment, more classroom space, and more living space with better sanitation for the students. To date, HBC...

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Andrés’ Story

I spent my childhood and adolescence in the Colombian countryside of Antioquia Bajo Cauca, an area that’s been hit hard by years of armed conflict with leftist guerrillas and more recently by criminal gangs. I was born into a Christian household. When I...

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