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Bible commentaries help to equip Christian leaders to teach God’s Word by contextualizing the Bible for them and the people in their communities. These commentaries are written by local theologians in the languages of majority world countries making these books a powerful resource for Christian leaders.

We invite you to partner with us by sponsoring a Contextual Commentary of the Bible for $60.  Your gift of a commentary will be placed in the hands of a graduating student at one of our partner schools, bringing God’s HOPE to both the pastor and the community being served.

Your Commentary Gift of $60 will be put toward any one of the following resources:

South Asia Bible Commentary (SABC)

A creative one-volume whole-Bible commentary which contains the collective insight of over 90 contributors (45 different authors providing commentary, and others offering pertinent, applicational articles in the context of the commentary) who either originate from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, or reside and minister in the region.

Contributors are drawn from a wide range of denominational backgrounds, ensuring the book’s appeal to a broad South Asian audience – and globally. Issues examined through the lens of the Bible and South Asian culture include the caste system; violence against women; God among other gods; gurus and godmen; indigenous music; and worship, rituals and festivals. Meet Dr Havilah Dharamraj, contributor and editor.

Asia Bible Commentary Series

This is a multiple-volume series aimed at interpreting the Word of God with a uniquely Asian perspective. Covering books from both Old and New Testaments, each volume is stand alone or used together, and is written by one or more Asian scholars. Read the story of Living Streams Christian Church where the volume on Psalms is helping the people cope with trauma and loss.

The content is designed to enable readers to understand the Scriptures in their own context and to interpret and apply them to the plurality of Asian cultures in which they live and work. It is used by pastors in their expository ministry of preaching, teaching, and counselling; by teachers and students in their theological studies; and by grassroots leaders of small groups in churches, homes and local communities.

Latin America Bible Commentary Series

A Spanish edition for Latin America is being prepared and will be available in the spring of 2019.

Africa Bible Commentary (ABC)

A one-volume commentary providing a contextual and readable guide to the entire Bible, written by 70 African scholars from both English and French-speaking countries. It is available in five languages, with two other translations close to completion. The peoples across Pasifika resonate with many of the cultural beliefs and practices of Africans. So church leaders in Pasifika have responded enthusiastically to the ABC, finding it useful as they seek to interpret and teach the Bible accurately and well.

Included in the volume are articles on contextually important subjects such as angels, demons and powers; family and community; female genital mutilation; AIDS; ancestor worship; syncretism; street children; the role of women in the church; witchcraft; and more.

The Arab Contemporary Commentary on the Bible (ACCB)

This is the first of its kind in the Arab world: a commentary on the whole Bible written by Arab theologians for Arabic-speaking churches in the Middle East and North Africa. Riad Kassis, International Director of Langham Scholars calls it a “landmark in the history of the church in the region” that will help readers biblically address issues facing the region, like Arab Christians and citizenship, secularism and pluralism.

Langham Scholar Dr. Andrea Zaki Stephanous, managing editor of the ACCB and president of the Protestant churches of Egypt, notes that this is the first project to bring together Arab Orthodox, Catholic, and evangelical biblical scholars—an important step toward Christian unity—and that they have come together with a “commitment to the Lausanne Covenant and a Middle Eastern context.”


The South Asia Bible Commentary (SABC) “was the first of its kind. It was a Bible commentary by South Asians for the South Asian church.
There has never been anything like it.”

Contributor and editor, Dr Havilah Dharamraj