Our International Team

International Consultants (IC’s) are vital to our ministry! They come alongside the leaders in their regions through one-on-one visits, addressing challenges and seeking solutions. They provide needed support, praying with them and serving as a sounding board. Whether they are encouraging a leader whose institution is facing financial problems, facilitating at an Institute for Excellence or local workshop to better equip faculty or providing training for seminary leaders, these men and women work tirelessly to see transformational theological education, the kind that produces leaders who make a difference.

IC’s are experienced in training Christian men and women of vision, integrity and competence. Most IC’s have served in multiple capacities of leadership in seminaries, schools and other institutions, and are in some way products of one of our partner schools.


Michael Low

Advancement Consultant

Michael joined reSource in November 2018. Based in Singapore as the Advancement Consultant, he hopes to use his background as a lawyer and banker, together with his theological education from Regent College to help communicate and grow the vision that reSource has, for building Christian leaders all over the world. He is excited to see how God will lead him, bringing together his interest in the two diverse fields of the marketplace and theological education. He counts as one of his greatest blessings his 20 year marriage to Elena, and they continue to be searching for more furry four-footed canine companions that would make their home complete. They enjoy meals with friends, scuba diving and travelling the world to do either (and hopefully both) of those things.


David Baer

Global Consultant for Theological Education

David serves as Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia. He and his wife, Karen, work from dual ministry bases, spending half of each year near Hartford, Connecticut, USA and the other half in Colombia’s beguiling second city of Medellín. David and Karen have six adult children and nine grand-children, but are still counting on more of the latter. David was born and raised in a small Pennsylvania German town amid rolling farmland between Appalachian ridges and still feels rooted in that same modestly magnificent valley. Yet the Lord’s calling on his life has taken him far from there in support of Majority-World theological education and those who shape it and are formed by it. He served for a dozen years as the president of Overseas Council (USA) and so is no stranger to the Overseas Council Network, of which reSource Leadership International is a key member.


Mariel de Luca Voth

Theological Library Consultant for Latin America and the Caribbean

Mariel is a native Argentine who together with her husband Steve Voth, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has spent a lifetime in the world of Theological Education and is a qualified Theological Librarian. She is highly respected across Latin America and the Caribbean and is a regular facilitator at the Institutes for Excellence held throughout that region of the world.

Daniel Owens, PhD

Regional Consultant for Vietnam

After serving six years in Vietnam, Daniel went to Wheaton College for his PhD in Old Testament studies. He returned to Vietnam in May, 2014 along with his wife Heather and their two sons to teach at Hanoi Bible College. In addition to teaching, he manages their small but growing library and is helping the College in the area of information technology; recently creating a website at www.hbc.edu.vn.

As reSource’s Regional Consultant in Vietnam, Daniel connects with leaders of various schools in the region, building relationships and offering assistance and support. He is involved in identifying candidates for faculty sponsorships so that they can become the teachers and builders of future Kingdom leaders. Daniel is also helping with the translating and publishing of key theological text books and commentaries into the Vietnamese language, providing resources for pastors, students, educators and leaders in Vietnam and beyond.

Mardochée Nadoumngar, DMin

OC-USA Regional Consultant for Francophone Africa

Dr. Mardochée Nadoumngar was born in southern Chad to a Christian family. He considered studying law, but the Lord called him to Bangui Evangelical School of Theology in 1982. He earned his Bachelor’s degree there and returned to Chad to serve the Lord. He later earned his Master of Theology degree and Doctor of Ministry degree.

Mardochée served for nine years as Academic Dean and professor at ESTES Shalom Evangelical School of Theology in Chad, followed by 11 years as Director/ Principal. He has taught in churches and written manuals for training in Bible schools and at the grassroots level.

Mardochée joined Overseas Council in 2014 as Regional Director for Francophone Africa. He and his wife, Ruth, have five children and one granddaughter.

John Jusu, PhD

OC-USA Regional Consultant for Africa

Dr. John Jusu was born in Sierra Leone. He served as Dean of the School of Education, Arts and Social Sciences and taught in the Educational Studies Department at Africa International University.

An Overseas Council scholarship recipient himself, John earned his Master’s degree in Christian Education, Master of Philosophy degree and PhD in Education.

John joined Overseas Council as Regional Director for Africa in 2013. He and his wife, Tity, have three children in addition to 24 children rescued from distressed situations for whom they offer fulltime care.

Abraham Najjar, PhD*

OC-USA Regional Consultant for the Middle East and North Africa

Dr. Abraham Najjar* was born in Egypt in a Christian family. After earning his Bachelor’s degree in 1981, he spent seven years in Christian lay ministry as a supervisor for a Christian center in his hometown.

Abraham has earned a Master of Divinity degree, a Master of Theology degree and a PhD in Old Testament.

In 2007, Abraham became the Academic Dean and Professor of Old Testament at a Cairo seminary. The following year, he became Vice President in addition to Academic Dean. He joined Overseas Council in 2013 as Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa Abraham and his wife have two sons.

*Name and identifiable details have been changed for security purposes.

Taras Dyatlik

OC-USA Regional Consultant for Euro-Asia

Taras Dyatlik was born into a Baptist family in the western Ukrainian city of Rivne. Raised during the Soviet period, he helped his father with an underground Christian publishing ministry as a child.

Taras graduated from Donetsk Christian University (DCU) in 1997 with a Bachelor’s degree. He earned his Master of Theology from the Evangelical Theological Faculty and is pursuing his PhD there. He most recently served as Coordinator of the Slavic Research and Resource Center at the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association.

Taras joined Overseas Council in 2011 as the Regional Director for Euro-Asia, serving our partners in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. He and his wife, Natasha, live in Rivne with their children, Tanya and Nazar.

Josué Fernández

OC-USA Regional Consultant for Latin America and the Caribbean

Josué Hugo Fernández was born in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, and has been in ministry for more than 20 years. He has pastored churches, developed a rehab program for young drug addicts and created a feeding program for street children.

Josué earned a Bachelor of Theology degree and a Master of Arts. He served as the Director of Communications and Fund-Raising at Buenos Aires Bible Institute (IBBA) in Argentina and participated in eight Overseas Council Institutes for Excellence in Christian Leadership Development held in Latin America.

Josué joined Overseas Council in 2007 as Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean. He and his wife, Liliana, have five children, Dennis, Alexis, Romina, Joan and Giselle.

Ashish Chrispal, PhD

OC-USA Regional Consultant for Asia

Dr. Ashish Joseph Chrispal was born in Mumbai. He has more than 30 years experience in pastoring and teaching theology in India, including his role as Principal of the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS).

Ashish is an author, a pastor and an educator. His passion is to provide theological education that is rooted in the Word and engaged with its context. A Langham Scholar, he earned his PhD in Systematic and Practical Theology.

Ashish has been the Overseas Council Regional Director for Asia since 2007. He and his wife, Susan, live in Bangalore and have an adult son and daughter, Anugrah and Snehanjali. The family continues to trust our Lord’s promise of resurrection for their second son, Arpit, who was called to the Lord’s glory in June 2005 at the age of 22.