Vietnamese Children's Bible

The first batch of Vietnamese children’s Bibles was published in June 2018!


From Cuong & Trang Le

We have a passion for training Christian leaders in the majority world

and it is our firm belief that this is best achieved through investing in local institutions. By training Christian leaders, we can have a positive impact on the church for generations to come; and in resourcing local theological schools, we leave a sustainable legacy.

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Sponsor A Book – Vietnam

Our latest newsletter highlights our efforts to translate, publish, and distribute quality theological library resources in Vietnam!

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Biblical Seminary of Colombia

“Because Colombia is in a peace process, after more than 50 years of civil war, we are looking for ways to serve the church as it faces these new challenges. We are seeking ways to teach in areas where guerilla forces, who have laid down their arms, are now tryng to readjust to civilian life.”

— Donald E. Sendek, Biblical Seminary of Colombia

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Featured School

News from Hanoi Bible College:

What are the steps needed for a campus and what might it look like? The conversation has begun!

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Our International Team

Highly networked Consultants like Daniel Owens in Vietnam, help identify and address the challenges faced by our partner schools in the regions where they live and work. Daniel lives in Vietnam with his wife Heather and their two sons and teaches at Hanoi Bible College.

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