Pray With Us


“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”
Ephesians 6:18

Please join our team as we pray for the following needs:

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, please pray:

  • • For the healing of those infected and for the safety and health of all those who work in health care and serve those who are ill.
    • Comfort for those who have lost loved ones.
    • That those who must carry on with work/studies/activities would be protected from this virus.
    • Provision for the ongoing needs of leaders, schools and churches as we navigate the pandemic’s lasting repercussions.
    • That the needs of those who are most vulnerable financially and emotionally would be met during these hard times.
    • That believers in Christ may be a clear witness to and example of the love of Jesus for others, and that God would use this time to bring people closer to Him.

With Scholar Leaders and our partners in Overseas Council, give thanks for:

  • • Generous donors who helped schools and individuals through our COVID-19 relief fund.
    • Flexibility and innovation as schools have pivoted to online ministry.
    • Technology that enables us to stay in touch from across the globe, even when we cannot travel.
    • Leaders who persevere despite hardship.
    • Faculty members who have learned new skills and adapted to online teaching, even as many have experienced pay cuts.
    • Scholars who continue to make academic progress, even when schools and libraries have shut down and research trips have been delayed.


• Pray for the church in China, as it adjusts to constantly tightening restrictions of religious freedom, for Christians in ethnic minorities who have followed Jesus out of Islam or Buddhism (that they would find strength and fellowship) and pray that Christ will reveal Himself to government officials who seek to control the church. (Open Doors)
• Some time ago the Pakistani government expelled 18 Western NGOs from Pakistan, including World Vision. Pray for stability, peace and godly leadership development, so local leaders can act according to God’s love and for the sake of Christian witness. Also pray for unity and a growing maturity in the Pakistani churches. (ScholarLeaders)
• Please uphold Christians in India as they live amid political upheaval, continued restrictions on Christian ministries, and ongoing persecution of many Christian leaders. Over these past five years, under the present government, the Christian community has gone through a tremendously difficult time of atrocities and persecution. Efforts are being made to reconvert as many new Christians as possible back to Hinduism and to escalate anti-Christian violence, in the hope of spreading fear among Christians. Pray that God will work in the hearts of those bringing opposition.
• Pray for the leadership of South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (Bangalore, India) as they seek to model Christlikeness and equip students to be scholar-saints who go out to serve the Lord in India and in other parts of Asia and the world. (ScholarLeaders)
• Pray for Hong Kong in the ongoing tensions and political instability:
That people in general and Christians in particular would have a genuine desire to listen to one another, without condemning harshly those with the opposite political position;
That God would grant His ministers humility and sensitivity to give pastoral care to Christians of all political positions, and that God would give them wisdom to preach the Word faithfully and gently in this difficult time; pray for unity as churches respond.
That the Church would learn how to love and pastor the younger generation, many of whom have become disillusioned with both society and the Church; and,
That this time of trial would serve to deepen the spirituality of Christians in Hong Kong, that we would learn to live out a life of faith in God, yearning for righteousness, forgiveness, and forbearance. (Scholar Leaders)
That the government would have wisdom in controlling the pandemic and that they could have the vaccine as early as possible.
• IRAQ: Pray for encouragement as churches change their approach of reaching people to using the Internet and social media. Pray for wisdom for politicians, the new Prime Minister, and the new government, so they can help Iraq attain political and financial stability, especially in these difficult times with COVID-19 and decreasing international oil prices.


Southeast Asia: Vietnam

• Pray for perseverance and wisdom for the translators at Seed Christian Literature in Hanoi, that they will produce quality literature for the church and that it will sell and help this fledgling company become self-sustainable.
• Pray for the leaders of Hanoi Bible College as they seek to implement the strategy they developed in March 2018 and work on plans for a future campus. Pray that the authorities will show favor to HBC.
• Pray for Christians in Hà Giang province to persevere in faith and for the HBC graduate who is ministering in this region.
• Pray the church in Hanoi and throughout Vietnam will remain unified and continue to flourish and grow.
• Pray for God’s wisdom among the leadership of HBC as they work to improve HBC’s academic program, moving toward accreditation with the Asia Theological Association. May they also be given God’s grace as they seek to identify and train Vietnamese faculty and staff. Pray for God’s blessing on the ongoing training and mentoring of students, that they will learn to love God’s word and lead with humility.
• “Please pray for wisdom for me to clearly defend my thesis proposal in 2021 at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. My research focuses on contextualized theological training for ethnic minorities in North Vietnam. By exploring historical, cultural, and language factors that enhance the academic success of ethnic minority students at Hanoi Bible College, I hope to develop a more effective model of theological education for the Christian and Missionary Alliance in North Vietnam.” SaraLen Tran


Latin America

• Pray that the Cuban Church will be able to respond to new social challenges and that it can continue its evangelizing mission with vigor. Pray for a bridge of understanding between the governments of the United States and Cuba.
• Pray for Godly leaders who will prioritize Haiti’s wellbeing and address the nation’s massive problems. A history of misrule, tyranny and rampant corruption has immersed the country in hopelessness and despair.
• Pray for the situation in the neighboring country of Venezuela. There are more than a million Venezuelan refuges in Colombia and many more in other countries of the region. (Scholar Leaders)
• As the people of Venezuela experience catastrophic leadership, pray there will be peaceful resolution without it becoming a military state. Pray that the political leadership would refuse the option of corruption and civil strife, instead bringing to the people honest and fair rule. Pray for Christians who, as salt and light, live the life of Christ in their civil society.
• Pray for the development of a new generation of leaders within the Brazilian Church, so it will accept their important strategic role in the difficult times they are facing.
• Pray for Costa Ricans and Latin Americans, as the Prosperity Gospel is spreading and pushing people to give offerings in exchange for miracles and healings. Pray that they will know that salvation is by faith in Christ alone and that they do not have to pay for God’s favour. (Scholar Leaders)


Eastern Europe

• Since the Russo-Ukrainian war in eastern Ukraine broke out in 2014, some 12,000 people have been killed, a quarter of them civilians, and as many as 30,000 wounded. With no prospects of ending the ongoing war in sight, Ukrainian soldiers are often discouraged. Many of them suffer from stress, insomnia and depression. Please pray for an end to the ongoing war and for those who defend Ukraine from the Russian aggression. They really need our prayers and support!
• Pray that God’s Word would continue to resonate in prisons in Ukraine and beyond as people behind bars find Christ.
• From Rev. Ivan Rusyn, President of Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary: Please pray that God would keep the doors open for us to effectively carry out His mission in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Central Asia and for the Lord to keep UETS students, faculty and staff safe during the pandemic.
• Langham Literature is at work creating a new one-volume Bible Commentary for Central and Eastern Europe, contributing to an indigenous body of scholarship and help for theologians, preachers and church leaders in that region. Please pray for all those involved in writing for and editing the Commentary and also pray for the new articles editor as he works on manuscripts that have been submitted – pray that these articles will be relevant to the Central Eastern European context. (The anticipated publishing date is the middle of 2022 – pray that there will not be further delays in reaching this deadline.)


Middle East

• As you lift up Lebanon and the Middle East, pray for peace, for God to raise peacemakers among His followers, and for the church in the Arab world to be an agent of restoration, healing and reconciliation.
• The Evangelical Church in Lebanon is trying to find its voice amid uncertainty. Proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples under these circumstances, and at a time when the Church cannot gather, comes with many challenges. Pray for pastors and ministry leaders to navigate these unchartered waters with wisdom and that Christians may stand firm and be prophetic and courageous as they engage the political, economic, and social situation, all the while trusting that God is good and sovereign. May God use the present suffering to draw people to himself
• Pray that as the Church in the Middle East meets the immense and ongoing challenge of responding to the refugee crisis, it may be provided the necessary resources and respond in a Christ-like manner.
• Pray for the training of pastors within the evangelical churches in Egypt – as the Church grows and faces trials and persecution, solid leadership is essential.
• Pray for the leaders of Israel and Palestine to find a way to come together with mutual respect to create our own peace agreement, for the peace of God to come upon the Palestinian people in a new way and for the Palestinian church not to lose hope but rather become a beacon of hope for our people. Bethlehem Bible College, Jack Sara, President
• The second wave of coronavirus in Israel is almost over due to a long and mentally and financially devastating closure, please pray that we won’t go through another wave of coronavirus. Also praise God for the opportunity to have more students enrolling in our academic programs. Due to developing our distance learning online teaching, the increase is not only in number of students but also in the regions that we are reaching out to. (Nazareth Evangelical College)
• A pastor of the Baptist Church of Baghdad in Iraq and Adjunct Professor for Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) asks prayer for protection for his wife and daughter and for their church to be more involved and effective in supporting the needs of the community around them, e.g. that their dream to start a primary school to help the next generation of children from Muslim families obtain Kingdom values, would come true.
• ABTS students who come from Sudan request prayer for their country in this time of unrest.
• Elie Haddad of ABTS writes, inviting prayers:
• Who would have thought that 2020 would hold so much tragedy for Lebanon? Calamity upon calamity. And then the Beirut blast came upon us like a forceful blow, with more than two hundred lives lost and thousands injured. Many lost their homes.
• Pray for us at ABTS as we care for families that lost their homes and belongings in the Beirut explosion. Many of them are injured and traumatized and need special care. Pray for us as we tend to their material and spiritual needs.
• Please pray for the Church in Lebanon as it serves the distressed and broken-hearted. May its light penetrate the darkness. May it spread the hope of Christ.
• Praise God with us for His protection and provisions, and for the loving care and support that we are receiving from the global Church.



• Pray for Dr. Stuart Brooking and Overseas Council Australia as they implement their Mile-Deep Strategy, which will deepen the spiritual life of the Church in Africa through resourcing the leadership development of the Church.
• Pray for the schools that ACTEA (Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa) represents. Africa’s theological institutions are really struggling. Some have transitioned to online theological training, despite the lack of preparation. Some could not keep up with monthly expenses and had to let go of some staff members. Some are on the verge of closing completely. Most institutions are trying to find ways to increase sustainability. Others are in areas with erratic power supply and are trying to raise funds for solar energy. Most are in countries with serious sociopolitical challenges. David Tarus, Exec. Dir of ACTEA
• At George Whitefield College in S. Africa, with the COVID-19 backlog, pray for all international students who have applied to study at GWC in 2021, that their visa process will be successful and granted on time.
• Please give thanks with East African Christian College (Kigali Anglican Theological College) that on 14th December 2020, the Government of Rwanda granted accreditation to EACC. Please pray for the EACC team as they are committed to being a Christ-centred College that fosters ethics, character, faith, knowledge and skills. Rev. Prof. Viateur Ndikumana, Vice Chancellor
• Pray for the church in Tanzania, which is in need of strong theological leadership and biblical discipleship amid the prevalence of religious syncretism and witchcraft. (Global Scholars)
• The Democratic Republic of Congo has been affected for several years by social, political, and economic crises. The area around Bunia has experienced renewed conflict and the displacement of about 300,000 people. Pray for peace to be restored in DRC. Pray for a stop to the violence and killing that has erupted in areas like Beni & Oicha areas of DR Congo. Pray for the leadership of the country, that the Lord may use them for the restoration of good governance as a condition for socioeconomic ease. Pray the Lord to give our President courage and full blessing to move forward in this direction.
• We celebrate the commencement of the Mount Zion training and retreat centre’s construction in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Mount Zion will accommodate 40 long-term students and host up to 100 participants for shorter retreats. The training centre will eventually serve the entire Anglican Province of West Africa, catering to the training of church leaders on different levels, but with a special attention to grass-root church leaders in remote areas. Pray for the construction of the Mount Zion project. Pray for the project team in Sierra Leone and for the contractor. Ask God to guide us through hindrances and challenges, so Mount Zion can become a fruitful centre to equip and empower the future church leaders in West Africa. Relay Trust (
• The Nigerian political, moral, social, economic, and religious context is very volatile. There is a high rise in crimes, insecurity, kidnapping, Fulani herders continuing to murder innocent farmers and destroy their villages, bad governance, increasing corruption, etc. Pray that God will help the Nigerian government to delight in justice and righteousness, so that it will be a safe place for human flourishing.
• Ethiopia will hold general elections in June 2021. The present situation of the country is not conducive for holding peaceful elections. Please pray for peaceful elections.



• Pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world, that they would remain steadfast in their faith and committed to being salt and light where God has placed them.