We give thanks to the Lord for his indescribable blessings upon our life! We are also very grateful to reSource for their generous support! Without it I would definitely not have been able to complete my Doctorate Degree and my wife Trang her Master of Divinity with Librarianship program.

I had already received my Master of Theology in 2006 and was teaching in our church’s new seminary (The Institute of Bible and Theology in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam). It had just been reopened in 2003 after being closed by the Government in 1976. There is a great ongoing need for faculty development in our Seminary.

I had prayed and longed for continuing my doctorate in order to contribute to meeting this need and to also help the Seminary meet government requirements. I give thanks to God for answering my prayer through reSource. In the special context of our church and country, we had to go through a lot of steps in order to go abroad for studies. We also faced the problem that the Government of Hong Kong has a policy of not welcoming Vietnamese students. We praise the Lord for opening doors so we finally could do our advance studies.

There are also a lot of challenges for a doctoral student who writes a dissertation, and I am no exception. During the last two years of my study I had been suffering with headaches and dizziness. I praise the Lord for helping and guiding me to be able to complete the tasks of writing and successful defense. We give thanks that at the beginning of 2016 we started our teaching ministry at our church’s new seminary, the Institute of Bible and Theology in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am Assistant Professor in New Testament and Trang serves as Head Librarian. Praise the Lord!

Thank you very much for accompanying us with your love, prayer, and great help! We pray and believe that God will continue to bless this meaningful ministry of reSource so that there will be more and more young people who are equipped under your sponsorship to serve and glorify the Lord.

Sincerely yours,
Cuong and Trang Le (and son Andy)