Partner with us to provide a sponsorship for a student or faculty member at one of our partner schools. 

Graduates from Séminaire de Théologie Evangélique de Port-au-Prince, Haiti
58,000 students take courses and 19,000 graduate from Overseas Council partners every year.

Our Challenge:

Every day hundreds of students hope to train in a seminary or Bible institute but can't because they lack the funds. Most of the students in our partner seminaries are already ministering when they enroll, and they enroll out of a deep sense of felt need. The Church is growing rapidly in the Majority World, and equipped leaders are rare.

"He told them, 'The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.'" Luke 10:2a

There's nothing like trying to lead a flock and interpret Scripture with virtually nothing to rely on except a Bible and a passionate heart. In that situation, hearts cry out for training, resources, wisdom and knowledge. It's tragic that someone seeking to become a shepherd - or a more effective, better-equipped shepherd - should have to worry about financial barriers to a seminary education. Oftentimes, faculty members do not have appropriate training themselves. They could be training, educating and empowering students more effectively if they could receive further education and training.

Our Solution: Sponsorships for the Shepherds

There are few more cost-effective ways to invest in the Church's future than through door-opening sponsorships to deserving students, while also offering sponsorships to faculty members, so we can in turn equip the equippers. Investing in one leader can have an enormous impact upon the Church in his or her country. Hundreds and even thousands can be ministered to as a result. We come alongside these leaders and help them receive training in order to multiply their influence through God's work around the world.

Your Opportunity: Train a Leader

On average, offering a sponsorship to a deserving student costs only $165/month. Faculty member sponsorships range from $5,000 to $20,000/year.* The sponsorship program has proven to be a great success around the world. Consistently we receive updates from alumni and faculty across all five of our regions highlighting the impact they are experiencing. Yet there are still capable, eager leaders who could be significantly more effective with training. We are committed to supporting the Church: raising up Christian leaders of vision, integrity and competence who make a difference in the Church and society. Consider what your role might be in fulfilling this exciting vision and get involved.

*The cost to train a student or faculty member varies based on region, program and other factors. The average student sponsorship is $1,980/year ($165/month).