Hanoi Bible College

Campus Development


The Challenge

In bold faith, humble obedience and with God’s evident provision, Hanoi Bible College (HBC) opened its doors on June 10, 2013 with 25 students enrolled in their five-year Bachelor of Theology program. Given that during the 3rd year of the program all 25 students went on internships serving various churches across North Vietnam, the leaders took another step of faith and accepted 30 new students during the 2015/16 academic year. Now that the first 25 students have completed their required one-year internship and returned to the campus for their final 2 years of study, there are 55 full-time students living and studying on campus.

Hanoi Bible College urgently needs a dormitory to house its students!

This presents HBC with a great challenge! Hanoi Bible College urgently needs a dormitory to house its students! Due to the limitations of their campus (two classrooms, a library, dining hall and sleeping space for only 30 students), over 20 students are sleeping in one room on the floor!


The Potential

It is nothing short of a miracle that HBC has been given permission by the Government to expand, with no restrictions on the number of students! The most critical factor limiting their work and effectiveness at the moment is their facility. It is putting a damper on both future growth and present potential. A house will help provide both a better learning environment and more sanitary and sane living conditions for all the students.


The Goal

reSource is committed to helping HBC purchase housing that will provide a place to sleep, eat and study for 25 students (along with a couple who will serve as dorm managers). The cost to purchase, renovate and furnish a house is $335,000.00 (Cdn). Monies for utilities and all other maintenance costs have already been incorporated into HBC’s operating budget.

This home will not only provide room for 25 students to live, it will also help HBC better manage and care for the daily lives of all the students, enabling them to more fully participate in College activities, prayer meetings, and corporate worship. And while there are plans to build a larger campus in the future, ownership of this house in the heart of a rapidly growing city of over 7 million people constitutes a solid investment that could later be sold, with the proceeds used for the new campus.

How can you help?


Would you join with us in praying:

  • for patience for the students (especially those all sleeping in one room on the floor) and instructors who are teaching and learning in less than ideal conditions
  • that the leaders of HBC will be given wisdom as they diligently pursue housing (the pictures shown are a real possibility)
  • for the needed resources to come in

Donate to a Matching Grant!!

Would you prayerfully consider investing with HBC in this home? Recently we were generously provided a matching grant of $100,000.00! So every dollar donated gets doubled! With the help of this matching grant we are prayerfully hopeful to raise the entire $335,000.00 within the next 12 months.

If you sense God nudging you to participate in this project, please email us or call 1-778-424-2231.


It is difficult to express the gratitude of the faculty, staff and students at HBC for the generous support they are receiving!


ABTS Syrian Refugee Relief

The Syrian war has created a great humanitarian crisis within its own borders and in the surrounding countries, with millions of refugees forced to flee the war zones. Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Beirut, Lebanon, has a holistic approach to the training of its students. They recognise the need of the hour is to care for the refugees and have incorporated into their training program a range of lessons guiding students to understand best practices in this field. reSource is keen to support ABTS in providing emergency relief packages for refugee families. Providing nutritious food can be achieved for as little as $1 per day per person.