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It was with a deep sense of calling, privilege, honour and surprise that I accepted the invitation from the Board of reSource to serve as president. And now, a little over 3 years later, the feelings of calling, privilege, being incredibly honoured, and yes, even surprised, not only remain but continue to grow.

Though the task and work before us at times seems daunting, I am reminded that this is God’s work, that His shoulders are immeasurable, and that in Him we can do all things.  The investment opportunities for furthering God’s Kingdom by advancing the training of Christian leaders through theological education in the majority world are very exciting.  I can’t wait to meet with any and all to share further details about how one can partner with us in the various aspects of our work, particularly in sponsoring students and faculty, as well as developing theological libraries in all corners of the majority world.

this is God’s work…His shoulders are immeasurable…in Him we can do all things

reSource’s Board of Directors, staff and international consultants are amazing individuals, each so different in background, skill set and vocation, yet each so fully and passionately dedicated to this work, each other and our God.  I’m deeply grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity to work with this team in serving reSource’s many stakeholders and partner seminiaries.

As we look into the future, please pray for the people, schools and organizations reSource is working with. Also pray for wisdom and protection for the staff and international consultants, especially as we travel to many corners of the globe and work in cross cultural settings.  And finally, please pray for provision.  Without the generous financial support of donors keen to invest in this work, the lights would simply go out.  Please contact me if you feel called to invest in this work, or if you simply would like to find out more about what reSource is engaged in.

The harvest is huge, the workers few, but God is good, and great, and governs all.

Blessed be His name!

Peter DenHaan