Pray For Us

Pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world, that they would remain steadfast in their faith and committed to being salt and light where God has placed them.


“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”
Ephesians 6:18

Please join our team as we pray for the following needs:


  • Pray for stability, peace and godly leadership development in Pakistan, and for unity and a growing maturity in the Pakistani churches.
  • Recently, the USA ranked Pakistan among six countries of special concern for religious extremism and violation of minority rights. In response, the Pakistani government expelled 18 Western NGOs from Pakistan, including World Vision. Pray for unity and reconciliation within Pakistan, so local leaders can act according to God’s love for the sake of Christian witness. (ScholarLeaders)
  • India: Please pray for those who are experiencing opposition in their ministries (Compassion India was forced to pull out). Efforts are being made in India to reconvert as many new Christians as possible back to Hinduism and to escalate anti-Christian violence, in the hope of spreading fear among Christians. Pray that God will work in the hearts of those bringing opposition.
  • • China: pray for Christians in China, where authorities are burning Bibles, taking down crosses and closing churches. In 2016, President Xi Jinping said, “We must resolutely guard against overseas infiltrations via religious means.” Chinese officials are forcing Christian believers to sign papers renouncing their faith as the crackdown on religious congregations in Beijing and several provinces intensifies.

Southeast Asia: Vietnam

  • Pray for perseverance and wisdom for the translators at Seed Christian Literature in Hanoi, that they will produce quality literature for the church and that it will sell and help this fledgling company become self-sustainable.
  • Pray for the leaders of Hanoi Bible College as they seek to implement the strategy they developed in March 2018 and make plans for a future campus.
  • Pray for HBC students who will begin their first theology class this semester. Pray that they will assimilate the new vocabulary and questions.
  • Pray for Christians in Hà Giang province to persevere in faith and for the HBC graduate who is ministering in this region.
  • Pray the church in Hanoi and throughout Vietnam will continue to flourish and grow.

Latin America

  • Pray for Godly leaders who will prioritize Haiti’s wellbeing and address the nation’s massive problems. A history of misrule, tyranny and rampant corruption has immersed the country in hopelessness and despair.
  • Pray for the development of a new generation of leaders within the Brazilian Church, so it will accept their important strategic role in the difficult times they are facing.
  • Pray for Costa Ricans and Latin Americans, as the Prosperity Gospel is spreading and pushing people to give offerings in exchange for miracles and healings. Pray that they will know that salvation is by faith in Christ alone and that they do not have to pay for God’s favour. (Scholar Leaders)

Eastern Europe

  • Pray that God’s Word would continue to resonate in prisons in Ukraine and beyond as people behind bars find Christ.
  • Please pray for an end to the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine, which in the last four and a half years has claimed more than 10,000 lives.

Middle East

  • Pray that as the Church in the Middle East meets the immense and ongoing challenge of responding to the refugee crisis, it may be provided the necessary resources and respond in a Christ-like manner.
  • Pray for the training of pastors within the evangelical churches in Egypt – as the Church grows and faces trials and persecution, solid leadership is essential.
  • Please lift up Lebanon and the Middle East and pray for peace, for God to raise peacemakers among His followers, and for the church in the Arab world to be an agent of restoration, healing and reconciliation.
  • • Some of the staff members at Bethlehem Bible College have been facing visa issues, which has been separating families and friends. Ask Lord to remove all obstacles so families can be united again.
    • A pastor of the Baptist Church of Baghdad in Iraq and Adjunct Professor for Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) asks prayer for:
    • protection for his wife and daughter;
    • their church to be more involved and effective in supporting the needs of the community around us; and
    • our dream to start a primary school to help the next generation of children from Muslim families to obtain Kingdom values.
    Second-year students (married couple) at ABTS ask:
    • Please pray for our country Syria. Now that the embers of the war have begun to cool off, much has turned to ashes. Much has been destroyed. Pray for our future ministry in our home country, as our return will not be easy, but we trust that God will use us there.


  • Pray for Dr. Stuart Brooking and Overseas Council Australia as they implement their Mile Deep Strategy that will deepen the spiritual life of the Church in Africa through resourcing the leadership development of the Church.
  • Pray for greater attention to be paid to malaria and for greater action to eradicate it.
  • Pray for the church in Tanzania. Although the Church there experienced significant growth during the East African Revival (1940s-70s) and has witnessed a thriving Pentecostal movement in recent decades, the country remains in need of strong theological leadership and biblical discipleship amid the prevalence of religious syncretism and witchcraft. (Global Scholars)