Please join our team as we pray for the following needs:


  • Pray that attitudes and practices in India's society, especially toward those most vulnerable, might be changed to reflect God's care for women, and that ministry would widen to other needy sections of the population.
  • Pray for stability, peace and godly leadership development in Pakistan, and for unity and a growing maturity in the Pakistani churches. (Scholar Leaders International)

Southeast Asia:

  • Pray that sufficient and good housing can be found for the students at Hanoi Bible College (Vietnam), and that a long-term solution can be found to the growing need for a larger campus.
  • Pray for enthusiasm and courage in sharing the Gospel so that the church in Hanoi will continue to flourish and grow.

Latin America:

  • Pray for Godly leaders who will prioritize Haiti's wellbeing and address the nation's massive problems. Two centuries of misrule, tyranny and rampant corruption have immersed the country in hopelessness and despair.  
  • Pray for the Church in Brazil, which has grown quickly over the last few decades. Pray for the development of a new generation of leaders, and for a growing trust in Brazil of the Evangelical movement. Pray that God will raise the Brazilian Church to take an important and strategic role in these difficult days in which we live. (Scholar Leaders International)

Eastern Europe:

  • Pray that God's Word would continue to resonate in prisons in Ukraine and beyond as people behind bars find Christ.  

Middle East:

  • Pray for the Church in the Middle East, that as it meets the immense and urgent challenge of responding to the current refugee crisis it may be provided the necessary resources and respond in a Christ-like manner.
  • Pray for the training of pastors within the evangelical churches in Egypt – as the Church grows and faces trials, solid leadership is essential.
  • Pray for peace to prevail through the Prince of Peace in the Middle East.


  • Pray for greater attention to be paid to malaria and for greater action to eradicate it.


  • Pray for the strategic consultations that will be held with specific schools in 2017 in direct follow up to the Institutes of Excellence that were held in 2016.