Church And Seminary Teamwork (CAST)

Linking churches with seminaries for mutual ministry and growth potential

The CAST Program brings together the hearts and resources of reSource partner seminaries with the hearts and resources of churches in North America. CAST is an efficient and effective method for establishing dynamic, mutually satisfying, two-way relationships. It not only facilitates financial support for the seminary, but also allows the church a deeper impact in the Kingdom through the school beyond essential funding needs.

The CAST is so much more than simply writing checks; it involves people getting to know and love people personally.

Darnae' Scales, Outreach Pastor at Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis, Indiana

Commitment to the CAST comes from all sides in a true partnership where parties give and receive benefits and blessings. In order to ensure full cooperation of the church and the seminary, an agreement outlining the list of commitments for all parties is agreed upon prior to entering into the CAST.  reSource is responsible for introducing the seminary and the church, helping to develop the CAST and getting approval on both sides for this agreement prior to any actual collaboration between the partners.  The agreement must be understood and defined as a relationship, not simply a funding mechanism.




  • Partnership of time, talents and treasure
  • Mission Trip involvement
  • Teaching opportunities extended to the church teachers/leaders
  • Seminary involvement with the church
  • Progress reports and partnership requests
  • Responsiveness to reSource 

How It Works


  • Partnership of time, talent and treasure
  • Meeting the needs of the seminary
  • Mission Trip involvement
  • Speaker engagements from the seminary
  • Teaching engagements to the seminary
  • Progress reports and partnership requests
  • Responsiveness to reSource




  • Moderator of the CAST
  • Working in conjunction with regional strategic needs and priorities
  • Reporting and updates
  • In cooperation with the church
  • In cooperation with the seminary
  • Arbitration

Financial Commitment

Churches invest a minimum of $5,000/year into their seminary partners through reSource for myriad purposes (scholarships, educational resources, campus improvements, community projects, and more).  Relationships are intended to last a minimum of three years with indefinite duration possible.  The total financial investment for the first three years is $15,000.

reSource desires to help connect your church with one of our partner seminaries around the world. For more information, please contact us

The CAST takes 'partnership' to a whole new level and has far exceeded my expectations. If you want your church to be deeply invested in a ministry, this is what you need to do!

Matt Yaley, Pastor of Global Ministries at Harmony Bible Church in Danville, Iowa